©  2010 US SUCCESS CENTER. Designed & Maintained by Corporate Junkie. Call us at 817.880.5651 Business Planning Course  Abundant Living Course Intentional Communication Course Mr. Ward begins with the owner of the business and together they complete the Business Planning Course (emphasizing Management, Marketing, Operations and Accounting Strategies). Desired Results Course  The Desired Results Course is conducted with the employees of the business - that is anyone who works in the business.  The goal is for each person to realize exactly what the vision and purpose of the business is and how best to achieve it with less hassle and more satisfaction on a personal level and for the benefit of the company. All involved in the business will complete the Abundant Living Course to crystallize their individual goals so they can bring more satisfaction to the workplace.  This course allows each person access to the goals in their life for which they are working.  People who experience abundance and plenty in their lives bring a whole new level of satisfaction and completion to the work of the company - and they don't leave a company where they are contentedly reaching their own goals. Once the other 3 courses are completed, the Intentional Communication Course is offered to any person involved in the sales process.  Many salespeople, when asked about what they do, immediately begin a "Presentation", hoping this "canned talk" will help them "sell" the potential client.  This course provides an Interview Method of Sales.  This method allows a salesperson to ascertain exactly what the customer is buying - and how to provide that very thing to the potential client as quickly as possible.   Welcome to USSUCCESSCENTER.com! We offer courses to assist our clients in expanding their businesses.   Our clients prefer the course format because it offers the most social interaction for the deepest levels of learning. We have fashioned the best courses possible to provide a more accelerating business. Invest in yourself & your company TODAY! US Success Center is bold in its commitment to ensure the realization of each client's individual vision in their business, in their community, and beyond in the global arena.  We do not generate generic, mass-produced marketing strategies and business plans.  Our involvement is personal, inclusive, appropriate, and private.  The client can rest assured that the process will be one which exhibits our level of caring and appreciation for the client's courage to share an exacting vision to move beyond mediocrity, stagnation, or complacency to a position of stability, strength and prosperity in the marketplace. There are lofty quotes that could be stated here in closing.  There have been others who have reached and attained, forged and conquered, dreamed and realized.  Surely, those individuals had plenty to say on how they accomplished what they set out to do.  But here is where there is an established difference.  Our work with the client provides an opening for the client to express themselves in their business.  The result of our work with the client has the synergy to move an organization, give it renewed life, as well as serve its employees, associates, producers, and clients in the process. How these courses work:
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